While Invisimed prides itself on its comprehensive contamination solution, we offer a full range of testing services.

Invisimed will provide investigative, management, and project design and
oversight services to ensure a safe indoor environment.


– Document facility issues and occupant concerns
– Complete a preliminary walk-through to identify sources of contaminants
– Conduct a thorough inspection of the heating and ventilation (HVAC) system
– Develop and conduct a prudent, custom-designed testing protocol
– Develop a comprehensive report detailing the survey findings and presenting
practical recommendations
– Assist with managing ongoing communications, reporting and public

Proactive management

– Conduct a custom-designed baseline survey
– Develop a customized indoor air quality management plan
– Help integrate air quality management into existing building maintenance
– Develop training programs for maintenance personnel
– Present a final report identifying procedures for resolving problems, recommended
changes in maintenance procedures and facility modifications where necessary

Remedial design and monitoring

– Design and monitor remediation programs for identified IAQ problems
– Help maintain compliance with all building codes and standards affecting indoor air quality