When wiping and scrubbing aren’t enough, whats the next step?

Why clean the surface of your counter or chair when you are likely to agitate other contaminants in the space that will end up back on the newly cleaned surface?

This is why we use our binary compound as an atomized compound when applied into the contaminated space, ensuring efficacy on all surface and airborne contaminants.

Atomizing or more commonly referred to as “fogging” is the most effective way to treat a space in three dimensions!  Fogging has been an effective cleaning and decontamination method for decades.  It has been used by exterminators and decontamination teams since long before our product came to market.  However, the one thing they never had was INVISIMED.

Invisimed has shown 99.9999999% effective in every environment and with all substrates.

– Wood
– Leather
– Plastics/Laminates
– Concrete
– Ceramics
– Metal/Alloys

By atomizing the product, Invisimed is able to neutralize everything in the environment that is accessible by the natural airflow of the space.  That is why Invisimed is the most comprehensive clean currently available on the market.

To really understand the process see How It Works! for yourself.