The Assessment Process:

At Invisimed, we believe the most important step in our process is assessment. It all begins with the identification of the problems at hand. No two spaces are alike and therefore no two solutions are the same. That is why everything at Invisimed is customized to most effectively address our client’s concerns.

Initial Visual Inspection: At Invisimed our team members are trained to visually assess potential contamination. While anyone can look at a piece of wet drywall and assume there is mold, our trained technicians look beyond the obvious. After treating millions of square feet, finding hidden mold and bacteria has become second nature. However, finding likely sources of contamination is only the first step.

After identifying likely sources of contamination, we use ATP swabs and perform a Bio-Reveal analysis of the “affected” area. Bio-Reveal testing is “…the simplest, most reliable and most cost-effective rapid testing tool available for measuring mold, bacteria and bio-film.” Once we have a reading we are able to address those areas affected with high bio-counts.  Additionally, we will often take cultures and air samples to ensure effective cleaning was completed.