Why Every School Needs Invisimed

Every child and parent knows one inevitable truth, disease runs rampant in schools. Hundreds of kids in close proximity, questionable personal hygiene practices and a building meant to serve almost entirely as common space used by all, its no wonder so many students and faculty fall ill every year.

According to the CDC:

– 40% of children aged 5–17 years missed 3 or more school days in the past year because of illness or injury.
– Nearly 22 million school days are lost each year due to colds alone.
– 38 million school days are lost each year due to the influenza virus.

But, schools also can be instrumental in keeping their communities healthy by:
– Encouraging sick students and staff to stay home and seek medical attention for severe illness.
– Facilitating hand hygiene by supplying soap and paper towels and teaching good hand hygiene practices.
Being vigilant about cleaning and disinfecting classroom materials and surfaces.
– Providing messages in daily announcements about preventing infectious disease.
– Adopting healthy practices such as safe handling of food and use of standard precautions when handling body fluids and excretions.
– Encouraging students and staff to get annual influenza vaccinations.

What Kind of Impact Can Invisimed Make?

Invisimed has had phenomenal success in schools. In a study completed by the Minnesota Department of Health, Invisimed applications eliminated nearly 50% of the sick days in a year over year comparison for a 5 year period.

See for yourself: Watertown-Mayer Case Study

The results truly speak for themselves. Contact us to see how we can help you achieve similar results.

See How Invisimed Can Help

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