Carpet, Hardwood, Laminate or Concrete. It doesn’t matter what type of flooring material you have, we are able to dry it out, clean it up, and leave it in a condition that is often better than you can remember.

Carpet:  Our carpet specific formula and cleaning technique will leave your carpet disinfected, bright and fresh. There is nothing worse than harmful residues or off putting smells coming from newly cleaned carpets. That is why we believe its important to leave with an environment more desirable than we found. Our extraction method will remove old tough stains and kill the bacteria inherent to carpet.

Hardwood:  Even experts in remediation have a hard time saving wet hardwood floors, however, we are able to extract moisture from your floor boards and even all the way down to your subfloor. This means that we can often save heavily saturated floors, saving you the time and money that the removal of hardwood requires.

Concrete:  Foundation walls and basements floors are porous surfaces. Unfortunately that means the continual dark damp conditions they reside in can cause issues for should and source of nutrient be present. Often after a “basement flood” mold can begin to grow on these surfaces. To eliminate this problem, we immediately remove the humidity and can treat both the walls and floors in one treatment, ensuring that the treatment kills those spores present within the porous areas and the friable (airborne) spores that tend to make people sick.