What is Invisimed?

Invisimed is the foremost expert in bacterial and viral remediation, cleanup and removal.

While other products treat many of these viral and bacterial problems independently, they are not universally effective. Additionally, because our product is atomized into the space, it will kill everything that the air can reach. That means that the human error which is often a problem with products that are wiped, mopped, or sprayed onto surfaces, is eliminated.

Who Do We Work With?

Many organizations in the NFL, MLB, NHL and NCAA use our services as their first line of defense against infectious disease and environmental contaminants. We are also proud to work with many long term care facilities (LTCF), hospitals, schools and residential clients. Our growth has been a result of our proven results and an ability to quickly and concisely identify problem areas and treat them regardless of facility type or space use. However, our services are by no means limited to Fortune 500 companies and professional sports teams. By far our most typical customer is a homeowner or small business owner with a problem that they just can’t eliminate. No matter the job, we are here to help.

How It Works.

The Process: Initial pre-test analysis, on-site, to determine bio counts within the facility and isolate particular problem areas. Next, a treatment strategy is developed. Product application, typically ranges between 2-4 hours for approximately every 50,000 square feet. There is a 2-4 hour downtime in the treated space, followed by space evacuation (methodology is heavily dependent upon space use). Posttest analysis is completed for treatment efficacy verification. Lastly, a results summary is generated and submitted to the owner or tenant for proof of results or as a reference validating the claim that they are among the most proactive individuals or organizations in the country taking significant steps to provide a clean environmental condition. (Mitigation of Liability)

Our Commitment.

From the beginning of the process, we work as openly as possible with our clients to achieve optimal results. Our service goes beyond treatment day. We are experts in facility maintenance and management as well as restoration and loss mitigation. Our belief is that a clean facility starts with the everyday condition and management of the space. That’s why we work with you to ensure you’re optimizing both the efficacy of our treatment and maintaining the healthiest environmental condition possible.