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The Foremost Expert in Environmental Decontamination

Invisimed is an expert in environmental decontamination. Studies have shown that environmental conditions play a direct role
in the transmission of infection and unfortunately, the incidence of infection is on the rise. That is why it is more important
than ever to have a comprehensive solution to combat environmental contamination. Invisimed is that solution.


What We Do

Invisimed is the most effective product on the market. See what we can do. Take a look at the list of dangerous pathogens we can eliminate in your facility.


Where We Do It

After years of testing and exploring potential markets, we have become synonymous with clean in a multitude of industries and facilities ranging from hospitals to professional sports arenas. See some of our clients and applications.


How We Do It

To address the many needs our clients have, we have developed multiple application methods to deliver our patented product in the most potent, cost effective and efficient way possible.

Infections by the numbers

Its easy to dismiss the need for environmental decontamination, but when you look at the statistics, it becomes very clear there is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. The CDC estimated that last year nearly 725,000 patients acquired a major site infection.

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) – Annual Percentage of Infection Type:

Gastrointestinal Illness
Urinary Tract Infection
Primary Bloodstream Infections
Surgical Site Infection (Inpatient)
Other Types of Infection

Atheletes are often at the highest risk

How we are keeping athletes safe

Its amazing how many athletes are affected every year through the transmission of dangerous pathogens while training or in the locker room. MRSA, Influenza and even food borne illnesses infect athletes at all levels and in every environment, whether amateur or professional. Since 2008, we have been working with these athletes and programs at every level and in every sport to ensure player safety is a priority. Whether we treat a 150,000 square foot NFL facility or a 1,500 square foot high school hockey locker room, we have a solution perfectly tailored to manage the environmental conditions.

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